Recent CORE Update

The Companies Registration Office updated the CORE platform on 12th April 2022 and several new features were added to the platform along with fixing some legacy issues.

Key Features of the update

  • Set to Draft

This is the most welcome of changes! You can now revert a submission at signature or payment stage to draft. This allows changes to be made to the submission without having to redraft the form completely. To do this open the My Filings tab, select “Set to Draft” on the relevant submission and you can make any necessary changes to the form.

  • Changes to the Company Watchlist

The watchlist is now sortable by Reg Number, Name, Reg Date, Type, Status or Next Annual Return Date. Just click on “Order By” on the Watchlist tab to sort as required.

  • Fix to how payments are processed

This is more of a benefit to the CRO as it should help with any payment issues that have happened with CRO customer accounts.


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