The first step in forming a company is to complete the below order form. The order form should be completed with all the required details and we will prepare the company formation documentation based on this order form and email you the documentation for signing. If you have any queries on completing the order form, please feel free to call us on 059 9186776 or send us an email.


Contact Details for Incorporation Purposes

Company Incorporation Required Details

(Please Complete in Full)

Share Capital

This part does not apply to CLG’s (Note 10)

Company Secretary Details

Every company is required to have a company secretary.
If there is only one director a separate company secretary is required (Note 11)

Individual Secretary Details

Corporate Secretary Details

Company Director(s)

LTD company may have 1 director. All other company types must have 2, and charity companies must have 3 (Note 12)

If any director has more than 3 directorships please forward these details by email to

If any director is also a subscriber, please enter their number of shares in the second last section of the column

Director 1

Director 2

Director 3

Additional Director Details

Director 4

Director 5

Director 6

Director 7

Subscriber Details (Individual)

The subscribers are the first shareholders / members of the company and at least one is required (Note 13)NOTE: If a Subscriber is a Corporate Body only please enter N/A for Subscriber details (individual) and complete Subscriber Details (Corporate)

Subscriber 1

Subscriber 2

Subscriber 3

Additional Subscriber Details (Individual)

Subscriber 4

Subscriber 5

Subscriber 6

Subscriber 7

Corporate Subscriber Details

This section must be completed if the shares are to be owned by a body corporate (Note 13)

Corporate Subscriber 1

Corporate Subscriber 2

Corporate Subscriber 3

Additional Corporate Subscriber Details

Corporate Subscriber 4

Corporate Subscriber 5

Corporate Subscriber 6

Corporate Subscriber 7

Beneficial Owners

This section must be completed if the subscribers are not the beneficial owners of the shares in this company or the shares are being held by a corporate subscriber (Note 14)

Beneficial Owner 1

Beneficial Owner 2

Beneficial Owner 3

Additional Beneficial Owner Details

Beneficial Owner 4

Beneficial Owner 5

Beneficial Owner 6

Beneficial Owner 7

Address Details

Registered Office Address

This must be in the Republic of Ireland (Note 15)

Business / Central Administration Address

(If different from Registered Address)

The registered office address is also the business / central administration address

Additional Information

(Note 16)

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