Central RBO to go live on 29th July 2019

The CRO have announced that the Central Register of Beneficial Ownership of Companies and Industrial & Provident Societies will open to accept filings from Monday 29 July 2019.

Filing of beneficial ownership data can be made on-line through a portal on the RBO website at www.rbo.gov.ie . There are no paper forms and no filing fees involved.

Companies and societies will have until Friday 22 November 2019 to file their data with the RBO without being in breach of their statutory duty to file.

The RBO will write to each company and Industrial & Provident Society about their filing obligations in the coming days.

Beneficial Owners Who Do Not Have A PPSN

A process has been developed to enable beneficial owners who do not currently have an Irish PPS Number to file with the RBO. Full details will be provided in a specific FAQ on the RBO website – www.rbo.gov.ie  –  on 29 July 2019  when the RBO commences operations.

Where To Find Information In Relation To Your RBO Filing Obligations

The RBO website is now live at: www.rbo.gov.ie

The website contains a comprehensive FAQ Section which should assist customers in fulfilling their obligations under SI 110 of 2019.


If you cannot find an answer in the FAQ Section, please email your query to: enquiries@rbo.gov.ie

For queries in relation to policy and legislation, please email your query to the Department of Finance at aml@finance.gov.ie



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